COVID-19 Update

Health and Safety Precautions

We continue to closely monitor the outbreak of the novel (new) coronavirus (COVID-19), and we ask at this time you do not come to the facility if you or the person who accompanies you answers yes to any of the following three questions:

Have you or the person who will accompany you on the day of your procedure:


  1. Been in close contact with anyone who is a laboratory confirmed case of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the last 14 days?
  2. Traveled outside of the United States?
  3. Had a severe acute lower respiratory illness requiring hospitalization with no source of exposure or alternative explanatory diagnosis (i.e. Influenza, Pneumonia)?



All of our caregivers – surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and ancillary staff members – are committed to your health, as well as their own. For that reason, please be assured that they will only be present at St. Joseph’s Surgery Center when they are healthy and well.


Thank you again for your understanding, support, and patience as we all work together to maintain a safe and healthy environment.